Friday, July 8, 2016

The hills are alive...

This morning I got a warning from my phone that I have run out of storage space. What? Really?  So I plugged the phone into the laptop to download photos off and saw this:

That number. 625 photos. And these are just camera photos, does not include other photos my phone saves in my Gallery (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Studio, etc).  So then I look at my Blogger app to see when I last made a blog post:

May 25th.


So I will do my best to post a glimpse of life on the Stimson Homestead for the past month and a half without typing 100,000 words or posting 500 photos.

Memorial Day weekend:  M went camping with a buddy in East Tawas and we visited with Uncle L and Aunt J in the same town (along with cousin K and her crew) for a night after dropping him off.  They live across the street from the public beach... very convenient.  We ate too much, perused the shops downtown and enjoyed each other's laughter.

HAD to have for my thimble collection!

My treastures I came home with.

Finally got that nasty overgrown bed in front of the garage 95% cleaned up so planted some Iris, a Clematis, and hosta in prep for mulch:

Something has been munching on the hosta of course.

Clematis appeared on the trellis next to the porch

Surprise Snow Ball Bush

Monster asparagus

Swags and hanging baskets hung...porch in serious need of some stain.

Back bed mess before...
Back bed after
Seriously huge rose bush/tree (surrounded by some serious weeds...that are still there)

Junk cleaned out from behind barn, loaded on trailer and taken to BIL's perpetual burn pile
Dark clouds came in and gave us 5 minutes tops to clean up before it let go!

Village Pub, Lexington (we did eat food...we don't just drink our way thru eastern Michigan)

Lexington Brewing Company
Neighbor passing by

M was gone again the next weekend with his jr high youth group from church so we headed over to Sandusky to watch a cousin's girl compete in the MI High School Rodeo State Finals with a stop afterwards at Elk Street Brewery:


Love this tin ceiling!

The following morning our neighbor to the north hosted an annual tractor drive so we walked over to check them out before they left for their drive in the sun around the area (20 miles I believe with planned stops along the way)...I need a tractor so I can go next year. I seriously thought of getting out the JD zero turn ;)

Farmer John

We then headed to a local greenhouse (had a $10 coupon so Hubs had to wait until it took effect) for a load of mulch and got busy at home:

I cleaned out the overgrown weed bed on the back side of the garage for future planting of something (Lord knows I have plenty I can transplant into it from around the yard):

Mid to late June brought blooms...

Hot pink peonies...5 total popped up in yard



First apple!

Concord grapes

...the end of school, lazy mornings, a college graduation, an anniverary, a 5k and a road trip south to Virginia and South Carolina:

Hard to get a smile out a teen

2nd favorite morning spot

My people, 40+ years friendship!

Stone Lodge in Port Sanilac for anniversary walleye dinner, scrumptious!

GNO with these hot chicks (minus one) at Merge, downtown Flint

Obviously the before after was not pretty

Beautiful mountains of VA
View from my sister's back deck, Blue Ridge Mountains


Little bit of shopping, Fancy Gap Pottery
Foster Falls State Park, Max Meadow VA off the New River Trail

Cousin J's new lake house on Lake Murray, Prosperity SC

Happy girl

We did a LOT of floating!  Love my family!

A LOT of boating!

And a LOT of eating!

Drove home thru some nasty weather in KY

Felt good to walk into the house after a long 14 hour drive home to see this:


Headed out to the front porch the next morning to see this beauty:

Bloomed while we were gone!

Now we get to the title of this post, although we don't really have any hills. BUT the back field did come alive!

As well as the apples, grapes, blackberries, crab apple tree and raspberries.

Excited for the next of God's bounty that will be blessed upon us.

Hello neighbor.  Good to be home.



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  2. I love reading about all your adventures and seeing pictures of your beautiful homestead!