Thursday, March 24, 2016

Time flies when you're not paying attention...

Not going to lie, I've been struggling this month.  Winter blues hit me hard this year.  This new normal of isolation for me, I was not prepared for it. Am fighting hard to not be angry at my now non-existent social life.  Invitations to develop new relationships not answered.  Mourning my previous home where everything was so accessible.  I do love our new home, love that we are closer to family.  A slower pace of life.  But it went from 60mph to 20mph with this move for me.  I get that people out here have grown up together and have established a social life with each other; I'm an outsider.  So I've stopped asking. A few friends I left behind have been awesome at keeping in touch and making their way out to my new home base when they can; I am so GRATEFUL for that. Others, I don't seem to exist any longer. Such is life, I know. I pray that when the weather breaks and everyone out here comes out of isolation, I will meet some new people and get some relationships going.

THEN I lost this guy:

One Eye Bill. My "pet" kitty.  The morning after I took this photo of him sunbathing on the front porch, I found him dead in his shelter when I went out to feed him.  I told Hubs that I thought something might have been wrong with him as I noticed him breathing heavy the day before; Google told me it was most likely heart worms. I know that Bill was not what I would consider an ideal pet (one that sleeps with you, lets you pet them...ideal for Hubs, meaning outdoor only pet) but keeping him safe, warm and alive became my ambition.  Broke. My. Heart.  Hubs buried him out back under a cluster of pine trees (only unfrozen ground he could find) for me.  Even after 2 weeks have passed, I still expect to see his little face looking for me through the sunroom door in the mornings.

My view from the sink; took me a week to move the kitty food bag.

I love animals but they break my heart when they leave me...not sure if I could handle getting any farm animals as I may have break down if a hawk flies away with one of my chickens or we take the steer to market that I hand fed and sang to every day. ;)

Moving on!

Since those few that actually read my blog live in the same state, I won't go on about our psycho weather we've had this month.

Crisp and frosty (taken the day after Bill's sunbathing photo)...

To sunny and warmer with some gorgeous cloud displays:

Love me some mammatus clouds!

Windows thrown open to let the fresh air in...

...and insulating plastic ripped off (literally) the sunroom windows!

Clear view!

And a few bug bodies to Kirby up.

Love this view when the sun is setting and illuminating the neighbor's horse barn:

So much better with that plastic gone...I know it did it's job as the sunroom windows aren't the best, but it really hampers my view of the back acres world. ;)

There was a bit of weeding, gutter repair, and tree relocation done...

From here... here.

My muddy Hubs...this Red Maple was planted too close to the house and right at the base of the downspout plus in the area we will be trenching to run new drain piping for sump. 

Last Sunday after we got home from church, I put the mudders on and walked the property:

Future raised garden area, between the grape vines and asparagus patch.

Ready to get going on creating a patio, fire pit area and painting that barn red!

Bit fuzzy but new tree growth.

There are so many plants/bushes/trees out here that were already dorment when we moved in, so excited to see what they bring when they come alive.

I've done a bit of thrifting and small projects:
Back to Nick's Warehouse, Imlay City

Goodwill, Imlay treasures but I did come home with a new pair of summer sleep pants.

Saw this small coffee table painted the most delicious yellow green 2 weeks ago when I first visited Nick's and was very happy that it was still there...perfect for the sunroom!

Loved the rusty barbed wire "t" on this sign and was perfect to fill the hole in my growing living room gallery wall.

I was so horrible at the paint-by-number sister rocked. 

It's new home, on top of my red/turquoise chippy wall shelf. Perfect.

Added clear bulbs to the upcycled chandy.

I bought this gold tone HEAVY mirror off of a local swap page for $15 and left it propped up against the master bath soaker tub wall, trying to decide what to do with it. Decision made: paint. Got out my trusty RePurpose Paint in Linen White and gave it a couple of coats, added picture wire to the back and hung her up on the wall.

I honestly do not think that this tub has ever been used. You need a ladder to get in and out of it or risk injury to the nether regions with it's destructively placed faucet.  I do not want to do much with this room as we will be gutting and rebuilding it next year (I hope). Hubs needs a shower larger than 3 feet square; I use the guest bath with its full size tub.

Besides my impatience to get going on outdoor projects like painting of the barn, laying out a paver patio, making a screen for the propane pig, gardening, blah, blah, blah, there is another pressing project indoors that has been grabbing my attention the past few days: the outdated lighting.  I know, first world problems, feel blessed you HAVE lighting.  And believe me I know how blessed I am!

But this is the weakest kitchen light EVER:

The one in the middle, the fancy boob light. That illuminates the ceiling and not the kitchen.  I have to turn on the dining room light and the light over the sink (background) to see anything.  In our previous home, we had a small kitchen but same lighting set up.  We installed a halogen track 3-light system and loved it.

So I'm thinking of something like this, in black of course:

It's a 5-light, 10 foot flexible track light system by Hampton Bay (Home Depot). It is halogen that takes 50watt bulbs.  And maybe adding undercabinet lighting of some type as well.  

I plan on freshening the remaining brass lights with black spray paint as soon as the weather warms up (AGAIN) and I can talk hubby into taking them all down for me (or at least turning off the correct breaker in the electrical box for me).

Have 3 of these on main level.

Hanging light in 2nd floor stairwell.

The bathroom lights...ugh.  

There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest for upcycling these awful lights, and they ARE awful as they do not illuminate what you need illuminated.  Like your face when you're attempting to put eye liner on.  these are the 2 light bars in the master bath, which again if we plan on completely renovating the space it doesn't make much sense to replace them.  Oh such problems. ;)

My view today:

Gloom and doom. We thankfully only received a couple of inches, unlike towns not too far north of us that received triple that amount.

So counting my blessings and remembering today, Maundy Thursday, Last Supper of Jesus Christ, and what the coming days bring us in commemoration of His death and Resurrection. 

"According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." 1 Peter 1:3.

Easter blessings to all!

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