Friday, March 4, 2016

Feature Friday: Nick's Warehouse, Imlay City

I've been thinking about doing a blog post each week highlighting a business in the area.  Aaaaand since I went to this particular business today, it's the perfect time to kick off Feature Friday!

This is Nick's Warehouse in Imlay City, located in the plaza that sits on the northwest corner of M-53 and Imlay City Rd.  And it is AWESOME!

It's a collection of vendor's that have their sweet booths set up selling everything from antique costume jewelry, clothing, accessories (purses, scarves, hats), Avon products, primitive items, painted furniture, collectible toys, etc. And the prices are phenomenal!

I unfortunately didn't take too many photos because a) I was too busy shopping, and b) I didn't think about starting Feature Friday until AFTER I was driving home.  But here are a few...

Less than $300 for this piece I believe!

I really wanted to bring this yellowware bowl home.

My mom had a bowl like this one...lots of great Pyrex!

I texted Hubs and asked him if he wanted me to bring this home to hang on wall so he could tell everyone he shot it. ;)

Just one of the several booths set up throughout the large space.

Here are the treasures I came home with:

I know, I do NOT need any more blue Ball's a tiny bit of an addiction, ok?!  I managed to squeeze it up top with the others.  This one is from the 1933-1960 production timeline per it's logo design.  The world map is laminated and from the 1980's. That huge basket was 14 DOLLARS!

I hung the cloth sign to the left of the patio door out to the sun room, really balanced this corner up.

The mini bee skep and Scrabble letter word art I added to my blue distressed shelf in the living room:

 Nick's also sells local food products from the area such as bread, honey, dry goods.

As I took the back roads home I passed this gorgeous Amish farmhouse and outbuildings that looked to be sporting purple steel roofs!  Could have been the way the sun was shining on them (or my old eyes) but it took my breath away:

I wish our dark navy/gray shingle roof wasn't so new (around 4 years old) so I could convince Hubs we NEED a steel roof.  Although then I would NEED black trim windows with mullions to go with that new steel roof. Sigh.

Happy first weekend of March everyone!

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