Monday, February 22, 2016

Impatiently waiting for Spring to arrive


I took this photo later in the day after the temps had risen to 60 and snow was melting.

Last Friday morning, I got my car stuck in our driveway trying to get to the end for M to grab the bus. I was wearing flip flops. With 50+mph winds that day, there was a couple of spots that were at least 2 feet deep. The car stayed here until the snow MELTED later that day. MELTED. After I spent 2 hours trying to shovel it out and gave up, ended up having to meet my friend and her son in town so they didn't get stuck in the drive.

Then we saw this:

A John Deere hauling THREE rail cars in Marlette.

Interesting morning.

I am IMPATIENTLY waiting for Spring to arrive.

The day before, I got a bit bored, found a sampler of turquoise paint and made my pantry door happy.

First dry brushed coat:

I sat and stared at the door at this point for quite a just didn't look right with the oak trim. So I dug out the painter's tape:

Perfect!  Happy door.

The happy door MADE me start Pinning outdoor landscaping, patio and fire pit ideas. Oh and red barns...the Booger, as I lovingly call it, needs some red paint DESPERATELY. (BTW, all of the junk and weeds have been cleared away, just saying.)

Like this:

Swoon. One of our neighbors to the back has a gorgeous red horse barn and it makes me giddy to see it lit by the sunset every night (or when we see the sun that is).

I have plans, BIG plans (sorry Hubs) for the yard as soon as it's soft enough to dig in (and I invest in a good back brace).

16x16 patio block area at the base of the sunroom steps:

Love this system!

Lights of course:

Fire pit area out by garden shed, pea gravel will be perfect:

The fire pit needs to sit back away from the patio block area outside of the sunroom due to the propane tank location...plan on getting a nice piece of 4ft fencing to block the view of the "pig" as the patio block area will extend right up to it.

Speaking of the garden shed:

How flipping cute is that?!  I do have one window I can fancy up and of course a white door begging for red paint perhaps. Currently my garden shed is looking a bit bare but won't take much to brighten her up:

Cannot forget the front of the house...have plans for this huge pile of field stones behind The Booger:

Along the lines of this:

So many ideas...hopefully the back will hold out. And my BIL lets me borrow his skid loader to move all of that rock.


Before I sign off, I have to give a shout out to one of our new favorite local restaurants, The Mulefoot Gastropub in Imlay City. Their online reservation system rocks as well as the place itself. We had a date night Friday the 12th for that lovely Hallmark holiday Valentine's Day (in a raging blizzard of course) and what a gastro experience it was!

Swoony barn doors

Owner raises the Mulefoot hogs

Best lentil soup I've ever had

The tomahawk cut with sage potato latke and apple reduction

apple danish with bourbon vanilla ice cream Check the place out if you'd like to make the journey...and give us a shout as we may just want to join you. Farm to table experience you will love plus only Michigan beers served. They will be moving sometime this spring to a historic building downtown Imlay City so excited to see it when it's finished.  Happy eating!

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