Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Let's get this party started!

Wow has January flown by already. Doesn't help that the last 2 weeks of 2015 are nothing but craziness. Which is why the Stimson party didn't happen until this past weekend...was the one weekend we were all available.

Of course a few things needed to be done before 30+ people came to the house.

Like FINALLY finishing the painting of the 2nd floor stairwell.  This was one project neither of us wanted to do, and I came close to calling in a professional that had the equipment necessary to reach that high up.  But we pulled it off...I saw we because I painted 90% off the area while Hubs finished up the last 10%.  The worst percentage of the project in my opinion...since I have a great fear of heights that seems to get worse the older I get.  Vertigo hits me on a 2ft step ladder these days.

Yes, that tiny square IS the ceiling up there. Hubs did a good job of cutting in standing on a ladder and using his 84" wing span to get the job done. And I did not have to attempt climbing a ladder. Oh that light...it gives me the vapors.  As soon as it's warm enough to break out the black spray paint (and I can convince Hubs back up on a ladder once more) it will be getting the paint treatment.

Speaking of paint treatments...

...I went all crazy on the brass dining room light with a sample pot of Martha's Barn Red:

I had bought the burlap chain cover at CLF, so glad I did.  It needs some cool Edison bulbs as well as additional chain so it can be centered over the table.  My father in law asked me why I had a paper sack on the top of the light.

A few more projects, planned and unplanned:

Made a new banner for the sunroom (to replace the Christmas clearance banner I took down and it looked so empty out there without one)...I was supposed to be unpacking boxes in the guest room but I got distracted by the cute pack of paper I found in my craft stash:

Snagged this super cute shelf unit on a local resale site for $20 that was perfectly shabby and had the Hubs work his magic hanging it on the wall using wall anchors (studs are in odd places in this house I've found)...it so would have fallen off of the wall if I had put it up...the styled it with my Anthro monogram mugs and other items I had on hand, Grandma Dot's hymnals I bundled and Grandpa Arden's old pocket watches...so glad they are displayed once again:

Hung up a few things I found as I unpacked as well as a couple of bargains from Hobby Lobby:
Antique mid 1800's map of Cambridgeshire for the master bedroom,

Painted the laser cut arrow that hangs on the living room gallery wall charcoal gray,

Found the two black & white photos (the top from Grandma Dot's photos and the other found in one of those Michigan photo shops of downtown Brown City) after unpacking a couple of boxes in the guest room and hung them in the garage entry hallway,

and a laundry sign and the cool metal & wood arrow found at Hobby Lobby.

I searched the dungeon basement for a spare side table, got out my half used can of RePurpose Paint in Mohair Blue and made it pretty:

I cannot rave enough about Cari Cucksey's paint line, RePurpose Paint. The colors are gorgeous, the paint is basically one coat, dries fast with a buttery finish and no priming or top coat (unless heavily used) necessary, She is now located in beautiful downtown Holly, you can visit her website at http://www.repurposeshop.com/.  *I am not getting paid to rave about the paint, just love it!*

I also sweet talked the Hubs into finally hanging up this beast in the sunroom:

This is the behemoth of a wine bottle holder I brought back with me from the CLF, made out of reclaimed barn wood and VERY heavy.  It attaches to a cleat that is first attached to studs...or A stud in our case. BUT it is not coming off the wall...I think Hubs used 6" long screws on this thing.

I unpacked most of the boxes in the guest room so it looked somewhat put together and hung up an old glass-less window over the bed plus finally took the shrink wrap off of Grandma Dot's china cabinet that I white-washed years ago and styled:

For the family party this past weekend, I was thanking Jesus over and over for blessing us with this sunroom...our old home was small and we mostly only hosted parties in the summer where we could be out in the big backyard on the deck and in the pool.  Now we have the room for indoor parties as well.  I set up two 6ft tables in the sunroom with chairs, added a card table to the end of the dining table to extend it and set up another card table in the living room.  M's upstairs space (now dubbed the Matt Cave by his cousins) was the BEST as it gave the kids a place to go and hangout.  We set up the bean bag toss game in the empty space. Hubs smoked a couple of pork butts and everyone brought a dish to pass...no one went home hungry.

THIS is why we moved (back for Hubs) to the Thumb, to be closer to most of these people.  We may not see each other that often due to life's responsibilities, but at least we are close enough now to visit at the spur of a moment.

THIS is what living the Thumb life is all about.

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