Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The latest and greatest...

Just a quick photo heavy post showing what's been going on around here this past week.

Someone finally got his bed!  We took advantage of the Sam's Club sale this month on their 12" iCoil Night Therapy Euro Mattress with Smart Base; the order came in 3 different boxes...all delivered on 3 different days over the course of a week. The mattress comes folded in half and rolled up, and was EXTREMELY heavy. We all had to jump out of the way once Hubs cut the plastic holding it in its folded position...take a leg off if you're not careful!  The Smart Base acts as the box spring.

 All made up and ready to sleep in!  Found a 7pc bed-in-a-bag set at Wally's World (aka Walmart) for $40.

Unfortunately, this is what the other side of the room STILL looks like:
I have yet to get to Ikea and get the boy some bookcases so we can clean up this mess.  He doesn't say anything though since he's got the man cave going on in his area with a couch, recliner, bean bag, computer, gaming area and now a bed.  All he needs is a mini fridge. KIDDING!

Received the wood finials I ordered from Rockler to cover the massive dowel holes left after removing the 2 posts from the end of our bed (for tv viewing purposes...priorities, people) and took advantage of the unseasonably warm November weather here in Michigan with some spray painting.  After they dried, I got out the tube of super glue and waalaa.  Now it's just a 2 post bed which we're actually liking much better with the footboard posts out of our way.


I started removing the floral transfers that had been adhered to the ceramic time around the massive unusable corner tub in the master bathroom.  After much research, I found that others had the best luck using nail polish remover...I think I will need a gallon, there are quite a few of them and it takes quite a bit to remove just one.  I'm vowing to do one removal a day!  So far two have been removed...I get distracted easily.

 Built a shelter (Pinterest, thank you!) for One Eye Bill, our feral kitty we inherited using 2 different size storage tubs, left over insulation from the sunroom floor insulating project, and hay I snagged out of the mouths of my bil's cows for bedding inside.  I set the shelter up with opening towards the opening under the stairs coming off of the sunroom and put a large board on top to not only help hold the top on but act as a "porch roof" so to speak.  Today's weather is horrendous so I ended up moving his food and water bowls under the board to keep it out of the rain and hopefully Bill will take notice that he can shelter himself inside the tub as well.

Added lights to the tops of the kitchen cupboards...because it HAD to be done. HAD TO.  Makes me smile when I walk into the kitchen every day from 4p - 10p (yes, they're all plugged into timers).

Put up shelves we brought from old house on office wall:

Worked outside:
Well, technically this is inside but put 2nd coat of yellow on door.  The overwhelming response from my last post was red for the door, so when barn gets painted next spring so will the door (thank you!).

Painted the trim and sidelight white (was the blue color as well).

Now we need to devise a plan to get to those 2nd story shutters...may not look like it from this photo, but that roof is STEEP. 

Can park 2 of the 4 cars in the house garage...woohoo! The other 2 will be going into the pole barn...Hubs is loving all of this storage space and is definitely taking advantage of it from the looks of his barn.

Had a new furnace installed on Monday...all 3 feet of her. The previous furnace that came with the house was known to be defective 16 years ago when it was installed (was a builder grade model that anyone, did not need to be a dealer, could purchase).  It was running rough so decided to call someone to look at it...and we are so glad we did.  The blower fan sounded like a jet engine (which prompted our call) and the heat exchangers (known defect) were bad, coating the inside with a black substance. Thankfully the home warrantly paid for a big chunk of the replacement.

 Last but not least, the Fedex man (he's been very busy this past month!) delivered the 24x36 frames I ordered (wood look plastic to keep the cost down) for my ornithology reproduction print posters I picked up at the Country Living Fair back in September...they look awesome hanging in the corner of the master bedroom.  Need to find some more for the other side of the bed, smaller prints to cluster.

I have yet to get the rest of the unpacking done in the guest bedroom to make way for the new bed (ordered another iCoil in queen size for this room while sale was still going on) but with the nasty weather that looks to be coming, I will have plenty of inside time to get this done.

I've heard I have visitors waiting for a bed.  Soon, visitors, soon!

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