Saturday, November 14, 2015

Front door color dilemma...

I need help.  I cannot decide on a front door color for THE LIFE OF ME!

I started painting it Hawthorne Yellow, the color we painted our old home, today:

                                         1 coat

Yes...that is the only small roller I had in my paint stash...arm got a workout.

The shutters will be painted Hale Navy, a very dark navy blue that leans toward a charcoal.  I chose this color because of our roof shingles being a blue/charcoal blend.

Even after dabbling on Benjamin Moore's awesome Personal Color View program, I am still very much undecided on a color.  Now, nothing against navy and yellow of course...they are Hubs alma mater colors GO BLUE!

So here are 4 color schemes I'm working with...

Yellow door:

Turquoise door:
Perhaps not this exact color but on our former home I had color-matched Cari Cucksey's RePurpose Paint in Turquoise with the house body Hawthorne Yellow and the shutters SW Summit Gray.

Red door:

Green door:

So there's my dilemma of the hour.  Open to all suggestions!

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