Monday, November 23, 2015

Finally winter arrived in Michigan...

Not that we ALL weren't enjoying the unseasonably warm temps our state has been experiencing (and will again in a few days).  I know the sled heads and hill dogs (aka skiers/boarders) would not agree with said statement.


This establishment has yet to find a form of snow removal *hint-hint Hubs* so we got out the 2 shovels we own and got to work.  OK the boys did a bit of work...I did this.  By hand.

Thankfully it was fairly light and fluffy stuff but STILL.  The boys side-stepped me for most of the day and Hubs did get a few things checked off his honey-do list inside the house, like removing the nasty pieces of cardboard that had been stapled down onto the basement steps and hanging the tv on the wall in our bedroom.

I of course worried about One Eye Bill, the feral cat that adopted this corner of the road, all night...hoping he was using his cozy kitty shelter I made him, made sure his bowl was full of food and protected from the snow fall.  Didn't see him all day until later in the afternoon yesterday...when he crawled out from underneath a BUSH at the corner of the front porch. So much for worrying myself silly about Bill...he's a survivor obviously.

Here's a before and after, a week apart:
(Yes, the upper shutters are still unpainted...logistics)

Love that Michigan turn-on-the-fly weather!  Notice my lovely yellow door? Makes me happy!

Here are few more winter really was gorgeous when the sun rose and it all sparkled like diamonds:

Before Operation Angry Driveway Shovel commenced.

A couple of quick lake-effect squalls moved through...every time I started to shovel.

Looks like the temp will stay around freezing today then start to climb the next few days...50 and rain on Thursday and Friday. Yay.

So get out there and enjoy the snow while it's still here!  Which will be until tomorrow afternoon.

Looking forward to November 27th...when I'm allowed to get the Christmas decor out! Yes!

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