Monday, October 26, 2015

Views from the Homestead...

This was my view this morning as the sun rose:

Seriously...GORGEOUS!  All I could do was breath deeply of the cold, brisk air and thank God for blessing me so.

Then the sun came out, and OH EM GEE!

So after I returned from town (M forgot his trumpet on his first day at his new school so picked up some groceries, gassed up my engine-powered buggy and dropped things off at thrift store) I got out the DSLR and began walking the 10 acres.

Here is what our property looks like from above:

A nice rectangular slice of ifs, ands or buts about where the property lines are.

So let's take a tour:

Must have in the country: the burn can

My future she shed

Back yard (mowed section)

Path is mowed around a portion of the overgrown area; where the path ends, the back portion is mostly electric fenced in...neighbor used to use it for her horses before we bought.

Neighbors field, harvested and ready for next season

Love this line of pine trees on the north side.

I attempted to walk in the field but sank right down in the freshly turned dirt; lucked out that the back portion is FULL of deer trails and bed areas.

Completely in the back of the 10 acres...can barely see roof of house to the right.

Unharvested soy beans

Back neighbor's barn

Horse friends...although they weren't quite sure what to make of me.

Picked up a few pickers along my walk

Line of trees on the north side

Southern neighbor's farm looking south from north side of our property

These trees make me happy!

A few paths kept mowed connecting us to a couple of the neighbor's to the north.

Concord grape vine

Asparagus patches

Apple tree

Line of trees on front north side

The long and winding road...

I have lots of weeding to do...

...but a little something still blooming within the weeds!

Side and back of pole barn = dumping grounds

Landscaping rocks!


What weeding I have done uncovered 2 hosta so far.

This very large rock resides right in front of barn door...needs to go

In the meantime, my house looks like this:

Yeaaaahhhh.  Flooring installers are supposed to show on Wednesday...when that project is done, hopefully in 2 days, we can move our living room and dining room furniture back into the house and I can start putting some of the wall decor up.  I still have a lot of painting to do but it's getting there.  These photos depressed me a bit...

...until I saw this:

I was more nervous than he was this morning, starting his new school.  He got on that bus and I had tears, I was so afraid for him.  But the boy took the bull by the horns, or more than likely charmed the girls (and boys).

And here is the end of a perfect day, mess and all.  Thank you God for blessing us so richly!

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