Saturday, October 10, 2015

The good and the bad...

So...this happened today:

THE GOOD:  the vinyl flooring in the kitchen/dining/garage hallway had not one drop of glue holding it down to the underlayment.

THE BAD:  This is a modular home, which means the home is built inside a factory in a controlled environment, and which means the flooring was laid first/walls built and cabinets placed second.  After 3 blade changes used to cut the vinyl free from the edges of the walls and cabinets, the front yard became my personal dumpster...until the hubs loaded it up and took it over to BIL's farm and his massive ongoing burn pile.

While I was cutting and ripping vinyl (makes me sound like a DJ of the 80's), Hubs was doing this:

Whomever installed this lovely oak trim did NOT want it to move...ever.  Four to five 3" nails placed every 4" then wood puttied to invisibility almost did my quiet, soft spoken, patience of our Lord man in.  But his perseverance paid off...with only a couple of holes in the drywall occurring (easy peasy patch work).

I unfortunately had to abandon Hubs to the removal of the NASTY carpet and NASTIER pad due to prior engagements...i.e. soccer game for M and singing gig at church.  So I have no visuals of that task, only Hubs description of said nastiness.

THE GOOD:  he removed the two layers of nastiness as well as the thousand or so staples left behind (again, they wanted to make sure that carpet PAD didn't move).

THE BAD:  the sub flooring under the vinyl is one layer HIGHER than the sub flooring under the Nasty Twins (aka carpet and pad).  Soooo...there will be some luan install going on before the flooring installers decide to grace us with their presence...

THE GOOD:  flooring installers were out on Friday to measure for their estimate.

THE BAD: install will be at least two weeks out...looks like the living room and dining room furniture as well as new appliances will be stored in the pole barn.  Thankfully we have comfy yard chairs to sit in and plenty of cardboard boxes to eat off of.

Life is GOOD.

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