Saturday, October 17, 2015

Making progress....

With M safely spending the night (turns out weekend as of a bit ago, thank you Cori!) with one of his best buddies, Hubs and I were up at 6am, fueled the bodies with some eggs and toast, then proceeded to start loading this:

The basement.  This is just a entire other side and storage area behind the interior walls I did not take photos of (mainly because I hadn't had a full cup of coffee yet).

This morning in mid-Michigan it was a "balmy" 32 degrees and still pitch black...made loading of the 10ft utility trailer in the dark not so fun.

I donned my "waist trainer" ala Kardashian's and we got to work...going up and down the stairs 50 times.

Wonder if I wear it long enough I will finally have a waist?

Anyhoo, we packed my Terrain, the bed of Hub's truck as well as the utility trailer with a tarp over the top and set off.  Thank goodness there was a rest area on the way just as the tarp came off the top of the grill, which in turn let the grill cover fly free and ash began to blow out, so we could readjust said tarp.  Smooth sailing after that to the Homestead in the Thumb.  The inlaws met us at the new casa and helped us unload (thank you!!!!!).

Now, during all of this we are waiting anxiously for Lowe's delivery service to call and tell when they will be arriving with my our new appliances.  We made a quick trip to McDonald's (well nothing is a quick trip out there but it's not too far away at least) for some sustenance (if that's what you can call it) and back with zero call.  Hubs finally called them...they would be there within the hour. *laugh*  So Hubs headed back to the old house to load up again while I waited and painted (with the 27" tv that now sits on an outdoor patio table instead of the floor tuned to football).

I'm painting away, getting the 2nd coat of Revere Pewter (I want to paint EVERYTHING this color btw) on the living room walls and hear a "beep-beep-beep"...glance out the window to see this:

Happy happy joy joy!!!!!! (Name that show.)  This beautiful truck was delivering my our new washer, dryer, dishwasher, range and fridge that we bought last month during a great Lowe's sale (18 months same as cash doesn't hurt either).  Before we closed on the house, the previous owners had to buy a new fridge when the old one died.  I batted my eyelashes and talked the delivery kids (they were much younger than I, so they're kids) into hauling it downstairs for me.  I believe they agreed since they weren't hauling any of the new appliances away as well as the fact that the range and dishwasher were staying in the garage for right now (later on that).  All of the new appliances are Maytag..Hubs preference, I just wanted the handles to match.


We were "land locked" so to speak when it came to the fridge opening, with pantry wall to the south and cabinets to the north, so limited on how large of a fridge we could buy.  This fridge is 22.1 cuft, plenty big enough for our family of 3 (plus we now have the extra beer fridge in the basement), and my only request: top fridge/bottom freezer style.  I'm tired of getting onto my knees to get into a standard fridge.  Hubs still needs to run the water line for the ice maker but it's working like a charm:

Washer and dryer (main floor laundry room, holla!):
 We opted to go with non-front loaders this time around.  I love my front loaders we currently have in our old house but decided to sell them with the house because 1) they're already 5 years old, half of their life *knock on wood* cycle is over, and 2) this laundry room with the existing shelf and window height as well as it's width (not much room to open doors and bending over to retrieve laundry with a full wall of cabinets on opposite wall) just wasn't made for big front loading machines.  I still have an HE washer, just top loading.  And a very thick manual I need to read so I can figure out how to work it.

Dishwasher and gas range:
The range will not go into the house until NEXT weekend...when hopefully the one plumber not booked into mid-November comes out and runs a gas line.  The current range in the house is a smooth top electric.  Nothing against electric, but we are used to cooking with gas...I was looked at a new smooth top but Hubs said we may as well go for gas now instead of later.  Who was I to argue!  This is a 5 burner with convection oven.  The dishwasher we opted to install ourselves, so it will sit in the garage until tomorrow...Hubs is currently watching You Tube videos on his phone.  I have COMPLETE confidence in the man.

I managed to get a 2nd coat of BM Revere Pewter (mixed in SW Superpaint) on the living room walls and began on the master suite hallway.  I didn't want to stop painting but my body was shutting down after 12 hours of go-go-go.  Still amazes me after all these years of repainting rooms what a difference paint can make to a room.

BEFORE (with seller's goodies):
It was a light peachy white.

Someday soon I will bring my dslr to the house for better photos.  I have been all determined to paint the oak trim Simply White, but after repainting the walls the orangy shade of the oak is no longer...orangy.  So now I believe I'm going to wait a bit after repainting all of the walls and then decide.  The Florida Room will be getting the Revere Pewter treatment as well which already has existing white trim...will be a good comparison.

Speaking of paint colors, I made a few changes to my original design boards...

The master bedroom will still be getting the BM Montpelier treatment but the master bath will now be BM Woodlawn Blue:

The guest bedroom went from BM Dry Sage to BM Guilford Green:

Now it is time to kick up my very sore legs (and butt from the 500 flights of stairs they traversed today), crack a beer and rest for another marathon moving more basement load left!  Soon these pants will be standing by themselves:


  1. When this is all finished you will look nice and slim and well toned. It's all looking good.