Saturday, October 24, 2015

Down to one house...

As of yesterday afternoon at 3:05, we are officially out of the old house and permanently in the new house.  It feels good too, but only in that we are done making multiple trips with the vehicles and utility trailer moving crap back and forth.  Not that I am not coming to love my new house, but SO much of us went into the old house the past 13 years; it was Hubs first house, we brought M home there, upgraded/replaced/reno'd it, and left great neighbors (that will ALWAYS be part of our family).  We both cried as we stood in the empty kitchen.  Then we walked next door to say goodbye to our fabulous neighbors (our buyers are SO lucky to have them) and cried again.

Wood floors all polished up for new owners.

M's empty room *sniff*

Then we got into the truck and drove off with the last load (after our neighbor took a photo of us to post on FB, all puffy eyed).  As we drove away, one of our awesome new neighbors, K, texted me "don't look back!"  So that's our new motto...we're only looking forward.

We got back to the new house with another truck and trailer full to this point, I was SO over moving.  But I put my big girl panties on and dug in.  We had a lot of nice weathered wood and my not so nice old window collection to unload, and my new garden shed turned out to be the perfect spot for it all (actually, the pole barn is full of our living room and dining room furniture until flooring installed next week so couldn't really get it all to the back wall of the barn).  Neglected to get a photo of this, sorry.  I did relax for about 10 minutes on my new front porch though before next project:
Shout to my Iowa peeps!

Since we opted to spring for new appliances for the new house (Hubs knew he needed to keep momma happy!), we gave the old to my BIL and MIL...she the electric range, he the dishwasher/washer/dryer.  We kept the old fridge, which was actually new since the previous one died before our sellers left the house) and put it in the basement for our beer back up fridge.  So at 7pm at night, in the dark, we were doing this:

Hauled them off to my BIL's huge barn on his farm south of us (he has yet to move into) for safe keeping.

This morning the plumbers arrived (after calling at least a is big business this time of year obviously) to run the gas line for the new range...the only one of the 5 new appliances that had yet to be installed.  Tom had to do some electrical work last night (thank you Lord for giving me such a handy man!) to install a 110 plug (old one was 220).  Poor guys had to run a gas line almost the entire length of the basement to reach the range area THEN changed out all of the fittings on the new range from natural gas to propane...a few were located in some God awful areas, wasn't a quick job.
Hubs reading out the instructions to them...they earned their $$ today.

Gorgeous! Broke it in by making tacos and Spanish rice. Hubs had to adjust the burners though...the low setting was more like the highest of high settings.

While the plumbers were working on making my new 5-burner gas range with convection oven usable, I put 4 industrial look bar stools together (no more patio chairs pulled up to the bar, holla!) and hung my living room curtains.  When Hubs wasn't reading instructions, he was laying the rest of the subfloor in the living room and master bedroom hallway for the upcoming flooring installation that will take place (hopefully) this week.

Reminiscent of Ikea instructions

Threshold brand from Target

Subfloor install a success!

The kitchen is looking a bit less cluttered with tools on the peninsula but still not organized until I finish with the painting:

Talk about a pain in the neck!

So now with the pile of subfloor out of the dining room, I can move our make shift dining table and chairs out of the living room:

Some day SOON we will have furniture to sit on least the master bedroom is only lacking curtains (need rods and the Amish buggies a peep show at night if the light on) and wall decor:

I go to bed in a happy place.  Feels good to be in one house.


  1. After all that hard work painting your house, no wonder you cried when you left! I should think Tom will go to work for a rest! The new house is starting to take shape now and looking good. Spare the Amish blushes and get those curtains up!! Lol

    1. And we didn't paint with the intention of moving but obviously we were guided to do it. Yes I need to get on the curtain project. the meantime we will continue to dress and undress in the closet. Lol

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