Monday, September 14, 2015

The packing begins...

I am not too proud to admit that I SUCK at packing.  I just throw it into a box, unprotected, not a scrap of bubble wrap to be found.  I guess I justify this hazardous method of packing in that I will be moving the boxes myself in my car.  So if anything breaks, it's my own fault. Plus I'm lazy.  When my sister arrived to help me move to Iowa back in 2002, I hadn't packed one item.  When my future husband arrived to help me move back to Michigan in 2003, I hadn't packed one item.  At least I'm breaking the chain...somewhat.

The house is starting to look empty already with just items removed off of the walls in the living room and kitchen/dining room.



Notice the boxes up in the bay they don't block our walking paths through the living room.  Brilliant, right?  Left the clock on the wall for now...and really need to cull my magazine hoard collection. (Before photos taken with my dslr and doctored for the real estate listing...what a difference between those and my quick, non-doctored After cellphone photos).



M says this morning, with a mouthful of waffle, "sure looks empty in here."  Not quite empty, but definitely a shift towards the moving process.  And the holes, oh the holes!  Apparently I had tried numerous times to get some of the items hanging on the walls just right judging from the number of nail/screw holes behind said item when removed from it's spot.  (Note to self: do not use anything other than picture nails if possible...the others have a tendency to pull some drywall off with it's removal. Fail.)

The emotions are all over the board right now...excited for our new adventure, sad to be leaving the haven we brought M home to and all of the renovations we've done over the past 12 years on it.  As well as our neighbors T and D...I remember like it was yesterday wheeling 1 month old M over to their house in his stroller to show them our new addition, and D saying to me "I didn't even know you were pregnant!" Love these people...friends FOR LIFE!  They are retired now so they can hop on their Harley's and come visit us in Amish country.

Was told not too long ago by a very wise realtor (ours in fact) that a year from now all of the chaos will be a distant memory...I'm holding you to that, C!

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