Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One more box ticked off....

We are no longer the owners of our little cottage in the country as of 4:30 today.

Not going to was hard on my psyche. I lost count how many times I got teary this morning while I was spit shining the house up for the final walk through (because it HAD to be as shiny as possible).

Every time I looked at something minute, like the towel bar I installed all by myself (yay me), or the deck we slaved over repainting 3 summers ago, or the cheap Walmart world map hanging on M's wall in his bedroom...tears welled up in the eyes.  Every nook and cranny holds a memory, and this sale has me feeling like I am going to lose them all.

3:00pm came and the new future owners pulled into the drive for the final walk through.  I instantly liked them...a young couple, he buying his first home, making that first step towards adulthood (and hopefully married with kids).  They were so happy, it radiated out of their faces and then they both said the those words that reeled me in: "we just love how you decorated the house!"  OK, I am now in LOVE with them and feeling so happy for them, and to be able to pass on what we've worked so hard on to make it our home the past 13 years was suddenly easier.  Because they LOVE the house, and the dirt road, and that rural feeling you can only get living in the country.  Bonus:  my neighbor was mowing his lawn so I was able to introduce them to him.  Not that it would make leaving our wonderful neighbors any easier, but it was very important to me that they were introduced so strangers wouldn't be moving in (not that they became bff's or anything in the 5 minutes we conversed, but you all know what I mean).  NEIGHBOR D, IF YOU ARE READING THIS...WE LOVE YOU AND WON'T EVER NOT BE IN YOUR LIVES!

I do believe I am allowed to be sad, that anyone who has spent the last 13 years of their life in one home (the longest I've ever lived in one house since I was a child by the way) making memories, putting their blood, sweat and tears into it, bringing their child home to it, would.  Grieve. Mourn.  But knowing that our little cottage will be well loved eases my sorrow and allows me to look towards making new memories in the new home, starting our new life... the Thumb life.

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