Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Don't Blink!

Wow, is that statement a true one. I blinked, and the summer is gone!

Our summer in pictures...

Fantastic storm clouds, sunrises and sunsets:

Sand Point, Lake Huron
Mother ship over the house

micro burst

"whale's mouth"

Family and friendship time:

Reluctant selfie

Family reunion

Hall & Oates with high school friends

Great visitors

Girl's weekend! Sand Point/Caseville, Lake Huron

Boy project, getting the old skoot running again

Glamping with great friends on west side

I need a boat.

Crystal Lake, Beulah

New family member met with Houghton Lake visit

My dad and his buddy Leyton after a great night of bullheading...RIP boys

End of softball season with the best bunch of peeps

 A little grew and was created:

Discovered vine growing on old clothes line post is a trumpet vine

Back field came alive with wild flowers

Concord grapes getting larger and now turning that lovely shade of purple...soon!

Weeded and mulched the front if I could just keep the critters from eating it ALL

Replanted front porch pots with grass...easier to take care of then flowers. That died.


Divided and replanted Iris and Peonies in bed at back of garage.

11 1qt bags in freezer ready for me to make some raspberry freezer jam

Projects completed:

New "cover" for well head

Authentic tobacco basket from NC added to dining room gallery wall

Running out of wall space...stencil project done and hung

New clock for living room gallery wall (I have a problem...I like clocks)
LOTS of mulching

House warming Hydrangea planted (thank you Marianna!)

So glad I had the truck this 4ft diameter fire ring. Yes!

Old dinky fire ring location to the right, half down in a leftover field farrow. Moved to even ground.

Ready for a bonfire!
Solar twinkle lights...perfect for when there's no electrical outlet around. Added to garden shed and windmill.

Hubs ran electrical to the house garage and his pole barn and added lighting (none in here before).

Lit up like the sun! Well not quite but added 8 new lights for a total of 12. Next up: outlets.

Bought 5 of these dark bronze barn lights off Wayfair Supply for $30 each! 

Sink light, laundry room light, both hallways and front entry light replaced. Happy sigh.

Replaced old brass lights that couldn't be painted.

Separate homework desk away from the gaming equipment in M's cave. Wayfair, $50.

This stuff is the BOMB! Started out just doing the windows and did the entire house.

Better than it was!

You can see the road now.
Painted out the oak cabs in the laundry room (lazy...didn't remove the doors, took me an HOUR. Done.)

New towel ring found at Ben's on clearance for $8. Holla!
We also ate and drank our way through some fabulous places but I'll spare you those pics.

The only bad excitement we experienced were the yellow jackets eating their way through the drywall in the upstairs office room and having to call in Orkin to eliminate the hive last week. THAT was scary, looking into the room to see thousands of them on the ceiling and in the windows. Drywall pro coming out to take a look tonite.

So now we are preparing for our Iowan visitors to arrive for the holiday weekend (Port Austin farmer's market and road trip to Niagara Falls planned) and for the new school year to start...onto Jr High for our almost 13 year old and he's into his 2nd week of cross country practice.

I have lots of fall projects in my head that I need to put on paper so stay tuned!

Hope your summer was fabulous...I'm ready for some Fall weather, sweaters, and football!